KindnessEvolution and TedX Youth@Columbia


January 2018- Present 

KindnessEvolution collaborated with TedXYouth@Colombia Idea's Dialogues Program. creating a program on Kindness implemented in 50 South Carolina High Schools.

The Idea Dialogues program brings together students of diverse backgrounds to have meaningful dialogues about important, current ideas. Through this program, students meet weekly at their schools to view selected TED Talks relating to those ideas and participate in student-led dialogues about the ideas presented in those TED Talks.

The following Ted Talks were included in the KindnessEvolution Curriculum:

Jonathon Zittrain: The Web is helping people be kind,  Rekindle connectedness and human kindness and sharing.

Matthieu Ricard: How to Let Altruism Be Your Guide, True goodness really does exist, and we need to start using it if we want to change what's wrong with the world. Compassion, loving-kindness, meditation.

Krista Tippett: Reconnecting with compassion, Words like Kindness and Compassion are Prone to abundant clichés. This is compromising the power and importance of these virtues to include for our civic spaces and ourselves.

Joan Halifax: Compassion and the True Meaning of Empathy, Love and compassion are necessities- they are not luxuries. Without them, humanity and all species cannot survive. - Dalai Lam

Barry Schwartz: Our Loss of Wisdom, Everyday wisdom will help rebuild our world. Celebrate Moral Heroes, worthiness of taking care of employees, knowing people in the communities, ordinary heroes.

The curriculum includes dialogue questions and activation exercises to experience and embody their learning.

- The students' favorite TED Talk was Compassion and the True Meaning of Empathy

Here is some student feedback:

- "We had a very stimulating discussion."

- "I learned more ways to improve my kindness towards others"

- "I learned that we can make a difference together"

- "My biggest takeaway was learning about the value of acceptance."

- "My biggest takeaway was that people can change and become better people through kindness."

- "I learned that I can make a difference through small acts of kindness like sending a letter."



Wendi Gilbert