Interview with Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of original Pay it Forward, made into a major motion picture

Recently our kindness efforts drew us to speak with an incredible author and proponent of kindness, Catherine Ryan Hyde. Listen to the interview below and learn all about Catherine and Wendi's overlapping aspirations. 

Catherine Hyde is the author of 34 books (and counting). Her novel PAY IT FORWARD was originally  released in 1999- and the paperback was released in October 2000 and quickly became a national bestseller.It was chosen by the American Library Association for its Best Books for Young Adults list, and translated into more than 23 languages for distribution in over 30 countries.   In 2014,  Simon & Schuster released PAY IT FORWARD: YOUNG READERS’ EDITION,  which is suitable for kids as young as eight,.  PAY IT FORWARD was adapted into a major motion picture and has impacted millions.  Catherine believes the power of the book/movie is that it woke people up to their intrinsic nature, which is to be kind and by providing the structure of each kind act being paid forward 3 times, the math points to a staggering impact.

Wendi Gilbert