Tripp Lake Camp 

Piloting CampKindness Day,  July 24th 2018

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Message from Wendi (Messing) Gilbert, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of KindnessEvolution
and Tripp Laker, forever more.  

"Tripp Lake holds a very special place in my heart and is absolutely one of the key foundational pieces that has contributed to my development. And I got to enjoy it with my family: my three older sisters, Robin, Cathy & Nancy Messing and our first cousin, Jenny Whyman.

Aunt Ruth, would hold her hand up and say, "Ladies" and she commanded our full attention.  Not "Girls", not "Campers" but Ladies.  Engrained in the camp experience was kindness to others, respect, inclusivity....all the things that we want for our children and all children.

I am so thrilled to be collaborating with American Camp Association to create and develop CampKindness Day.  Tripp Lake will be one of eleven camps piloting CampKindness Day and will be led by Senior Counselor, Megan Watson.  
Leslie Koenigsberg Levy, Director of TLC, (my Tiger Team Manger) says in her introduction, "I want to introduce you to an incredible young lady. You will be proud of the way Megan represents the Tripp Lake Camp family. She’ll be an asset to your KindnessEvolution team!"

Megan Watson's mom is MaryAnne Sickles, who went to camp during our TLC tenure.   The deep generational love and loyalty to Tripp is immense.

"For you girls belong to Tripp Lake, and Tripp Lake, belongs to you."


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Tripp Lake CampKindness Day.

All donations support the development of this new, wonderful tradition. And the continuation of the kindness movement, developing the pilot camp2campus initiative for all campers to bring kindness activities back to their schools.  Creating this pipeline will seed our youth with
kindness-in-action all year round.