In Collaboration with American Camp Association, we are so thrilled to be bringing CampKindness Day to the camp experience. 


Twelve Camps will be piloting the developing program.


Appel Farm Arts Camp, led by Amy Bernard
Alvernia, led by AJ Sektenreich
Echo Lake, led by Kelly Godzac
Fiver Children's Foundation, led by Casie Kegan
Gate Hill Day Camp, led by Alexa Perrone
Huntington Camp, led by Dylan Sloan, Kiera Sikora
Liberty Lake Day Camp, led by Caroline Lippincott, Justin Pritkin
SouthWoods, led by Andrea Ralls
Tripp Lake Camp, led by Megan Watson
Winadu, led by Stephanie Laporte
Wekeela, led by Jonathan Caflun
Woodmont Day Camp, led by Alisha Borek