In Development: First Unified Initiative

No Bullying, Period.

This is the first unified initiative, developed from the recent 2018 KindnessCollective, which was the gathering of 24 non profit Kindness Leaders and 6 inspiring Youth  coming together to explore how to collaborate for greater good.

In alignment with October, National No-Bullying Month, we are launching awareness/preparation in September and IN ACTION in October, in solidarity with all those standing for No Bullying.

Together we ask: "How might we collaborate to focus more students, educators, and parents on the value of intentional kindness in order to bring an end to bullying and ensure that all schools provide a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment"

Please collaborate with us by adding your organization's name.  

This unified initiative is in collaboration with every organization or person that says  “I’ll participate” which is anything from shouting it out to forwarding to a local schools, with a downloadable session/project/activity focusing on kindness and inclusion to be included in the October school schedule.  

All across the nation, we will be standing for the same thing and we will provide the technological platform to have data to tell us how many.

Wendi Gilbert