Marin Teen Girl Conference

March 25, 2018

KindnessEvolution and Marin Teen Girl Conference

Celebrating and empowering hundreds of 8-12th graders to bring more kindness to themselves, their schools and communities. Activating ideas and implementation.


"The Mission of the Marin Teen Girl Conference is to create a safe forum for Marin’s teenage girls to explore their place in the world, gain skills to create positive relationships, learn confidence to make good choices and to experience local community support that would help them achieve their goals."

Why a Teen Girl Conference?

Research has shown that many of Marin’s teen girls are struggling, in spite of our county’s many resources.

«  By age 15, girls are twice as likely to become depressed than boys.

«  59 percent of 5th to 12th grade girls in one survey were dissatisfied with their body shape.

«  One in three teen girls in the US is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner.

KindnessEvolution fully supports Marin Teen Girl Conference and all of the kindness they offer to and inspire in young girls.  

Wendi Gilbert